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Scarlett misses Jared's penis

Scarlett: A Leto Obsessed?

Is it "get a clue time" for actress, Scarlett Johansson? The New York Post reports that the 20 year-old Lost in Translation star has been cuddling up with her ex, perpetually unbathed 33 year-old actor, Jared Leto behind the back of her new BF, Josh Hartnett. A source with the paper claims Jared dumped Scarlett because she was "too young for him," but seems to have no problem "sneaking out [to have] midnight trysts" with her under the noses of Josh, and Jared's new GF, 19-year-old, Ashley Olsen. Does the phrase "he's just not into you" ring a bell?


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Oh, Scarlett. You know I like you. I like you a lot, and I suppose I can't blame you for continuously slutting it up with Jared and his python while your boyfriend is at home with his unibrow and stuff. But yeah, I just can't help myself...you're still a DS.

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