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Bai Ling and vintage Draguilera still DS, experts say

Isn't it refreshing to see Xtina do so much work breaking barriers? She's been doing it for so long now, telling everyone that they're beautiful (even sometimes when it's not true!), I'm proud of her. Here she is with fellow barrier-breaking, nipple-popping slutpal, Bai Ling. They're just at "Outfest" to support the gays. They don't experiment with each other or anything.

But this isn't just any free-the-caged-fags event. This is a rare occasion. Little Bai is most definitely grabbing Christina's big knockers. Er, just one. I suppose she wouldn't be able to fit both of those in those fair tiny hands of hers. Especially considering each mammary gland is approximately twice the size of her head, which I might add, is sitting atop neck at the same height as the aforementioned mammae. Anyway, Xtina looks like she's about to yell out a "Golly, me!". I'd reccomend that Bai peace out before Christina breaks more fingers as she beats that bitch down for thinking she can touch her like that. Just because she's a strong female who likes to experiment with her sexuali-T does NOT mean you can violate her, okay? But by the way she asked me to ask you if she could suck your cock in a minute. So, get ready!

I'm a little distressed about Bai Ling's hair. Does it always look like her bangs are just, taped on to the mid-section of her scalp? Did those little slices of gelled-up hair in front of your ears fall from the sky at the second this picture was taken, or did you actually tape those on too? Is that blood spewing from your ear, Lingy? Cause the blades of hair falling from the sky would explain that. And I thought Chrissy got over the Marilyn? It's good to see her and her sliced tendons all healed up, though. Her doctor told her no more gasping for a few weeks but she's already breaking new medical barriers by doing it already! What a fighter.
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